1992 FIM Superbike European Championship

With the standalone European Superbike races abolished just 7 weeks before the season was set to start, the title of European Champion would go to whichever of the European-licenced World Championship competitors scored highest from the European rounds on the calendar. Though only each rider's 10 best results counted towards their score only 4 riders made enough appearances for that to matter, and of them it was the Marlboro-sponsored Spaniard Daniel AmatriaĆ­n who was consistently the best performer. In this championship within a championship on-track battles between competitors were rare, but Adrien Morillas and Piergiorgio Bontempi's double wins at the final two rounds were impressive in their own right - Bontempi's European Championship win at Monza even counted as 3rd in the World Championship.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1992-04-051Flag of Spain AlbaceteWorld Superbike Spanish RoundGo!
1992-04-202Flag of Great Britain Donington ParkWorld Superbike British RoundGo!
1992-05-103Flag of Germany HockenheimWorld Superbike German RoundGo!
1992-05-244Flag of Belgium Spa-FrancorchampsWorld Superbike Belgian RoundGo!
1992-06-215Flag of Spain JaramaWorld Superbike Andorra RoundGo!
1992-06-286Flag of Austria ƖsterreichringWorld Superbike Austrian RoundGo!
1992-07-197Flag of Italy MugelloWorld Superbike San Marino RoundGo!
1992-09-138Flag of Netherlands Assen (Short)World Superbike Dutch RoundGo!
1992-10-049Flag of Italy MonzaWorld Superbike Italian RoundGo!

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1992-05-10 Hockenheim: Free Practice - Group A, Free Practice - Group B, Qualifying 1 - Group A, Qualifying 1 - Group B, Qualifying 2 - Group A, Qualifying 2 - Group B, Qualifying 3 - Group A, Qualifying 3 - Group B, Warm-Up, Consolation Warm-Up, Consolation Race

1992-07-19 Mugello: Free Practice, Warm-Up

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