1992 FIM Pan Pacific Superbike Championship

Despite the Japanese Federation's efforts to promote the second season of the Pan Pacific Road Racing Championship, it was a bleak return: the 250cc class had been abolished leaving only Superbikes; of the 6 Pan Pacific nations only half were scheduled to host - one in June and two in late October supporting the World Championship; and just a few weeks before the first race both October events were cancelled. The sole round took place at CP MINE with a grid of 22 riders but only 3 from outside Japan - two New Zealanders and an Italian representing Thailand. Front-running All Japan TT-F1 rider Keiichi Kitagawa crashed almost immediately after the start having been fastest all weekend, leaving the Tsukigi Racing teammates Shin'ichiro Imai and Kiyokazu Tada to dominate a fairly uneventful race.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1992-06-071Flag of Japan CP MINERoad Racing Pan Pacific Championship in JapanGo!
1992-10-182Flag of Australia Phillip IslandCancelled for financial reasons.
1992-10-253Flag of New Zealand ManfeildCancelled for financial reasons.

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1992-06-07 CP MINE: All sessions.

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