1994 All Japan Superbike Championship

The uncertainty of who would rise to the top of the first Superbike championship in Japan was only added to by two wet qualifying sessions at the season opener that lef the grid line-up in disarray, followed by a chaotic crash-filled opening to the second round at MINE. When order began to form, three riders emerged as contenders: Yamaha's new factory recruit Wataru Yoshikawa, reigning TT-F1 champion Keiichi Kitagawa on a Kawasaki, and Cup Noodle Honda's 20-year-old hotshot Takuma Aoki. For the rest of the year Aoki and Yoshikawa traded wins with Kitagawa clinging on behind. In the penultimate race at Sugo, Yoshikawa was backed up by his Yamaha teammate Yasutomo Nagai who kept Aoki behind him with some ruthless riding tactics (that still had plausible deniability), and Aoki's visible frustration eventually ended in a crash. Though he still had a chance to take the title at Tsukuba, a wrist injury sustained in testing left him weakened and confirmed Yoshikawa as the first All Japan Superbike Champion.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1994-03-131Flag of Japan SuzukaSuzuka International Road RaceGo!
1994-04-102Flag of Japan CP MINEMINE International Road RaceGo!
1994-05-013Flag of Japan SugoSUGO International Road RaceGo!
1994-05-154Flag of Japan TsukubaTsukuba International Road RaceGo!
1994-05-295Flag of Japan FujiFuji International Road RaceGo!
1994-06-126Flag of Japan SuzukaSunstar Superbike 200kmGo!
1994-07-037Flag of Japan SugoSUGO International Road RaceGo!
1994-09-118Flag of Japan SuzukaSunstar Cup Suzuka International Road RaceGo!
1994-09-259Flag of Japan TI AidaTI International Road RaceGo!
1994-10-0910Flag of Japan SugoSUGO International Road RaceGo!
1994-10-3011Flag of Japan TsukubaJOMO CUP MFJ Grand Prix Road RaceGo!

Can You Help?

The following official results are currently missing:

1994-03-13 Suzuka: All sessions.

1994-04-10 CP MINE: All sessions.

1994-05-01 Sugo: All sessions.

1994-05-15 Tsukuba: All sessions.

1994-05-29 Fuji: All sessions.

1994-06-12 Suzuka: All sessions.

1994-07-03 Sugo: All sessions.

1994-09-11 Suzuka: All sessions.

1994-09-25 TI Aida: All sessions.

1994-10-09 Sugo: All sessions.

1994-10-30 Tsukuba: All sessions.

Copies of any of these results would be greatly appreciated. If you have any additional information about this season's races or riders, please contact me!