1993-08-27 to 1993-08-29

World Superbike Japanese Round

Sugo (Permanent circuit, 3.7375 km)
Attendance: 36,500
Event permit: IMN 02/10
Timekeepers: SEIKO Timing
Entries: 41 / Practised: 33 / Qualified: 32

Map of Sugo circuit.


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  • 27 Aug, Fri
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  • 28 Aug, Sat
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  • 29 Aug, Sun
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  • Overall qualifying

    14Flag of Great BritainCarl FOGARTYMichelin tyresDucati1:32.378145.65
    240Flag of JapanKeiichi KITAGAWADunlop tyresKawasaki1:32.819144.96
    311Flag of USAScott RUSSELLDunlop tyresKawasaki1:32.923144.80
    46Flag of New ZealandAaron SLIGHTDunlop tyresKawasaki1:33.143144.46
    524Flag of JapanShoichi TSUKAMOTODunlop tyresKawasaki1:33.295144.22
    67Flag of BelgiumStéphane MERTENSMichelin tyresDucati1:33.369144.11
    710Flag of ItalyPiergiorgio BONTEMPIDunlop tyresKawasaki1:33.386144.08
    85Flag of ItalyFabrizio PIROVANOMichelin tyresYamaha1:33.686143.62
    927Flag of USAFred MERKELDunlop tyresDucati1:33.705143.59
    109Flag of ItalyGiancarlo FALAPPAMichelin tyresDucati1:33.997143.14
    1134Flag of ItalyMauro LUCCHIARIMichelin tyresDucati1:34.362142.59
    1232Flag of Great BritainTerry RYMERDunlop tyresYamaha1:34.598142.23
    1341Flag of JapanShoji MIYAZAKIKawasaki1:34.653142.15
    1444Flag of JapanToshiyuki ARAKAKIDunlop tyresDucati1:34.967141.68
    1556Flag of JapanMakoto SUZUKIBridgestone tyresDucati1:34.968141.68
    1652Flag of JapanKatsuyoshi TAKAHASHIYamaha1:35.012141.61
    1770Flag of ItalyAldeo PRESCIUTTIDunlop tyresDucati1:35.495140.90
    1823Flag of ItalyFabrizio FURLANDunlop tyresKawasaki1:35.708140.58
    1943Flag of JapanMasato MOGIDunlop tyresKawasaki1:35.911140.29
    2086Flag of FranceJean-Marc DELÉTANGMichelin tyresYamaha1:36.065140.06
    2148Flag of JapanMasao NAKATABridgestone tyresYamaha1:36.103140.01
    2214Flag of SwedenChrister LINDHOLMMichelin tyresYamaha1:36.117139.99
    2337Flag of FranceHervé MOINEAUMichelin tyresSuzuki1:36.199139.87
    2420Flag of NetherlandsJeffry DE VRIESMichelin tyresYamaha1:36.303139.72
    2531Flag of JapanShin'ichiro IMAIDunlop tyresKawasaki1:36.334139.67
    2650Flag of JapanHideo SENMYOHonda1:36.510139.42
    2754Flag of JapanShigemasa MIWAHonda1:36.511139.41
    2846Flag of JapanHirofumi TAKADAYamaha1:37.531137.96
    2945Flag of JapanTakeshi HARADAYamaha1:39.228135.60
    3055Flag of JapanKatsuya WATANABEHonda1:40.338134.10
    3149Flag of JapanTatsuo KANAUMIYamaha1:40.974133.25
    3251Flag of JapanHironari YAMAMOTOYamaha1:41.492132.57
    (33)47Flag of JapanMasaatsu HYUGADucati1:41.801132.17

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


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