1994-05-21 to 1994-05-22

H.E.A.T. British Supercup '94 Championship

Snetterton (Permanent circuit, 3.1412 km)
Entries: 54 / Practised: ? / Qualified: ?

Map of Snetterton circuit.


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  • 21 May, Sat
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  • 22 May, Sun
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  • Race 2

    Scheduled duration: 15 laps
    Started: 35 / Classified: 21

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Overcast / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
    12Flag of Great BritainJim MOODIEYamaha1518:02.08156.761:11.3482
    23Flag of Great BritainSteve HISLOPHonda1518:06.264.18156.151:11.51107
    330Flag of Great BritainPhil BORLEYNorton1518:06.334.25156.141:11.33115
    46Flag of Great BritainMatt LLEWELLYNDucati1518:11.209.12155.451:11.5541
    50Flag of IrelandMark FARMERYamaha1518:14.0711.99155.041:11.8863
    612Flag of Great BritainRobert DUNLOPHonda1518:19.4617.38154.281:12.3998
    78Flag of Great BritainMichael RUTTERDucati1518:25.7323.65153.411:12.86626
    811Flag of Great BritainPhillip McCALLENHonda1518:27.3125.23153.191:12.381212
    914Flag of Great BritainAlex BUCKINGHAMYamaha1518:35.7533.67152.031:12.121329
    1024Flag of Great BritainLee PULLANYamaha1518:38.0936.01151.711:13.02119
    1118Flag of Great BritainRoger BENNETTKawasaki1518:38.1036.02151.711:12.97616
    1229Flag of Great BritainDave REDGATEYamaha1518:44.0141.93150.911:13.67918
    1328Flag of Great BritainPhilip WESTONKawasaki1518:44.3942.31150.861:13.62615
    1433Flag of Great BritainColin BREEZEKawasaki1518:48.3446.26150.331:13.611219
    1526Flag of Great BritainBrett SAMPSONKawasaki1518:48.7846.70150.271:13.491417
    1615Flag of Great BritainShaun MUIRYamaha1518:49.5547.47150.171:13.67822
    1772Flag of Great BritainGeoff DIXONYamaha1519:11.031:08.95147.371:15.321521
    1848Flag of Great BritainTom KNIGHTDucati1519:11.201:09.12147.351:15.211527
    1949Flag of Great BritainJames BUNTONYamaha1418:08.151 lap145.491:16.341230
    2069Flag of Great BritainPhil READ Jr.Kawasaki1418:18.581 lap144.111:16.621335
    2138Flag of Great BritainBob CRABTREEKawasaki1418:25.001 lap143.271:17.2111
    RT32Flag of Great BritainJohn BENNETTKawasaki1216:22.39---138.131:19.47333
    RT25Flag of Great BritainIan SIMPSONNorton1012:08.14---155.301:11.64106
    RT40Flag of Great BritainNeil CRAYKawasaki1013:06.77---143.731:16.55624
    RT9Flag of Great BritainDavid JEFFERIESDucati810:01.41---150.421:13.75820
    RT37Flag of Great BritainNick HOPKINSYamaha78:37.21---153.051:12.57711
    RT21Flag of Great BritainNigel NOTTINGHAMYamaha78:55.71---147.761:14.64414
    RT98Flag of New ZealandAndrew STROUDKawasaki78:56.36---147.581:14.557
    RT52Flag of Great BritainDavid PICKWORTHBimota68:00.70---141.151:17.94431
    RT85Flag of Great BritainStuart NICHOLSONYamaha45:25.53---138.951:18.39428
    RT17Flag of Great BritainJohn BARTONKawasaki45:29.77---137.171:15.20310
    RT10Flag of Great BritainPeter GRAVESDucati1--.--------.---13
    RT22Flag of Great BritainJames HAYDONHonda11:17.39Accident146.121:17.3914
    RT50Flag of Great BritainGraham WARDKawasaki0--.------37
    DQ16Flag of Great BritainDean ASHTONYamaha1518:35.7333.65152.031:12.831134
    NS47Flag of Great BritainJohn ROACHKawasakiNot started23
    NS63Flag of Great BritainMark DIFFEYKawasakiNot started25
    NS13Flag of Great BritainGraeme RITCHIEDucatiNot started
    NS20Flag of Great BritainLee HUMPHRIESKawasakiNot started
    NS35Flag of Great BritainAlexander KVINTASKawasakiNot started
    NS53Flag of Great BritainJonathan POWERDucatiNot started
    NS99Flag of New ZealandChristopher HALDANEKawasakiNot started
    Fastest lap30Flag of Great BritainPhil BORLEYNorton1:11.33 on lap 11158.54 km/h


    #16 Ashton: Disqualified for refusing to allow scrutineers to strip engine for post-race checks, citing unaffordable re-build costs.

    Rider notes

    #10 Graves, #50 Ward: Not listed on official results but visible in TV coverage.


    Official results/ Official entry list/ 1994⁠-⁠xx⁠-⁠xx Anglia TV coverage/ Race Watch Vol 3 No 1 pg31⁠-⁠32/ Photos by Graham Etheridge