1996 Medzinárodné Majstrovstvá SR Superbike

Points system

Slovakia Cup: 1st: 15; 2nd: 10; 3rd: 6; 4th: 8; 5th: 6; 6th: 5; 7th: 4; 8th: 3; 9th: 2; 10th: 1. Open to riders of any nationality. Only riders registered for the championship are eligible for points.

National Championship: 1st: 15; 2nd: 10; 3rd: 6; 4th: 8; 5th: 6; 6th: 5; 7th: 4; 8th: 3; 9th: 2; 10th: 1. Only riders in possession of a competition licence from the Slovenská Motocyklová Federácia are eligible for points. Only the 6 best scores (from 7 races) for each rider count towards their total.

International Slovakia Cup

P.RiderTotalGapFlag of SlovakiaHRIFlag of SlovakiaBOLFlag of SlovakiaBOLFlag of SlovakiaPIEFlag of HungaryHUNFlag of SlovakiaHRI
1Flag of SlovakiaPavol SILARD74081215121215
2Flag of AustriaRudolf ZELLER64-10121010101012
3Flag of SlovakiaTibor STRAKA42-32151512
4Flag of HungaryJános VÉGH30-441515
5Flag of SlovakiaMiloš BALÁŽ MAD'ARA18-56810
6Flag of SlovakiaMário KRAJČO18-56468
7Flag of HungarySándor BITTER13-6158
8Flag of AustriaHelmut SOMMER11-63263
9Flag of SlovakiaFrantišek KRIŽAN Jr.11-6356
10Flag of AustriaGerhard ESTERER10-6410
11Flag of SlovakiaLadislav LIPCSEI10-64154
12Flag of SlovakiaMiroslav FOGAŠ10-64442
13Flag of Czech RepublicMichal SALAČ8-668
14Flag of HungaryLászló PAPP8-668
15Flag of Czech RepublicMilan KAMINSKI6-686
16Flag of ItalyFlavio TRES6-686
17Flag of ItalyCesarino BRUTTOMESSO6-686
18Flag of Czech RepublicMartin MARKALOUS5-695
19Flag of SlovakiaMiroslav RUŽINSKÝ5-695
20Flag of Czech RepublicPavel SCHWARZ5-695
21Flag of AustriaErnst SCHULLER4-704
22Flag of SlovakiaŠtefan BODON3-713
23Flag of ItalyRenzo DE LUCA3-713
24Flag of SloveniaBoštijan SKUBIČ2-722
25Flag of HungaryImre KALIVODA1-731