1992 Deutsche Strassenmeisterschaft

With reigning champion Udo Mark now focused on the European Championship, Pro-Superbike - the de-facto German Championship - was headed in 1992 by two Swiss riders: Edwin Weibel and Andreas Hofmann. Tragic circumstances had forced Hofmann to adjust to unfamiliar Kawasaki machinery in 1991, while Weibel had also switched mid-season from Honda to Ducati, but both were now settled enough to be front-runners during a chaotic year. It was a bright start when an elated Klaus Liegibel celebrated his first race win at Speyer, but what followed was disarray: dozens of crashes at Colmar-Berg, controversial organisation at Most, appalling weather at Assen and guest riders shaking up the running order. And worst of all, new winner Liegibel was killed at the St. Wendel road races in August. It could have ended positively; Weibel and Hofmann were tied on points going into the final round. But arriving at Most for the second time, riders found the newly-resurfaced sections of the Czech track impossibly slippery and late on Friday night the decision was made to use the circuit's shorter layout. A circuit-wide power failure the next morning ruined half of qualifying, but despite everything Hofmann and Weibel duelled for the win in race 1. The potential season-deciding battle never happened though - Weibel built a comfortable gap over Hofmann who crashed trying to keep up. He hastily righted the Kawasaki but dropped it in dismay when he saw the damage; with an overall win in the final race, Edwin Weibel claimed the 1992 Pro-Superbike Championship.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1992-04-261Germany SpeyerADAC-Hein Gericke-FlugplatzrennenGO!
1992-06-212Luxembourg Colmar-BergInternationales DMV-RundstreckenrennenGO!
1992-07-053Czechoslovakia MostInternationales ADAC-Rundstreckenrennen WürzburgGO!
1992-07-264Germany NürburgringInternationales 15. DMV-"Siegerland-Preis"GO!
1992-09-20Germany AugsburgCancelled due to financial disagreements between organisers and airfield operators.
1992-09-205Czechoslovakia BrnoADAC-Preis von BrünnGO!
1992-10-116Netherlands Assen (Short)Internationales ADAC-Hein Gericke-Championat
1992-10-187Czechoslovakia Most (Short)Internationales ADAC-Sachsenring-RennenGO!

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1992-04-26 Speyer: All sessions, Entry list

1992-06-21 Colmar-Berg: Qualifying 1 - Odd #s, Qualifying 1 - Even #s, Qualifying 2 - Odd #s, Qualifying 2 - Even #s, Warm-Up, Race 1, Entry list

1992-07-05 Most: Qualifying 1 - Even #s, Qualifying 1 - Odd #s, Qualifying 2 - Even #s, Qualifying 2 - Odd #s, Warm-Up, Race 1, Entry list

1992-07-26 Nürburgring: Qualifying 2, Warm-Up, Race 2, Entry list

1992-09-20 Brno: All sessions, Entry list

1992-10-11 Assen (Short): All sessions, Entry list

1992-10-18 Most (Short): Qualifying 1 - Even #s, Qualifying 1 - Odd #s, Qualifying 2 - Even #s, Qualifying 2 - Odd #s

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