1992 Campionato Italiano Superbike

Having discarded the format of the 1991 season, 1992 consisted of five rounds - though the first was controversial. Promoters Flammini Group had instated a fee of 20 million lire - to fund promotion and TV coverage - for every manufacturer represented in the championship, a price which Honda and Kawasaki refused to pay. In response, all riders partnered with those two manufacturers were threatened with disqualification from the opening round. Fortunately a compromise was reached - Honda relented and paid the full amount, while Kawasaki's contribution was covered by the individual teams running their bikes. With several of 1991's front-runners missing the early season through injury Fabrizio Pirovano and Baldassarre Monti started as favourites at Misano, but Pirovano came away 7th in points thanks to an electrical failure and Monti faced strong competition from Piergiorgio Bontempi and Valerio Destefanis. Pirovano recovered to win five of the remaining eight races on his way to winning the title, with Bontempi impressing everyone with a win of his own to take the runner-up spot and the returning Davide Tardozzi winning the remainder once he was free of injury. Monti took third in the points having missed the finale due to a World Championship crash, and privateer Valerio Destefanis was a surprise fourth despite his main focus being the Italian 750cc Sport Production Championship.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1992-03-291Italy MisanoCampionato Italiano SuperbikeGO!
1992-04-262Italy VallelungaCampionato Italiano SuperbikeGO!
1992-06-073Italy MonzaCampionato Italiano SuperbikeGO!
1992-08-024Italy MisanoCampionato Italiano SuperbikeGO!
1992-09-205Italy VallelungaCampionato Italiano SuperbikeGO!

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1992-03-29 Misano: All sessions, Entry list

1992-04-26 Vallelunga: All sessions, Entry list

1992-06-07 Monza: All sessions, Entry list

1992-08-02 Misano: All sessions, Entry list

1992-09-20 Vallelunga: All sessions, Entry list

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