1992 FIM Diesel Jeans Superbike World Championship

An ambitious 16-round calendar was announced for 1992 but the success of the World Championship fuelled the promoters' insistence on higher hosting fees and more riders' travel money paid by each circuit, eventually costing them the American and Swedish rounds of the championship. Still the grids were bigger than ever - helped significantly by the FIM's decision to merge the separate European Superbike Championship into the World Championship's European stops. Entry lists of nearly 100 riders and sometimes 70+ trying to qualify meant that there were enough non-qualifiers to fill a grid of their own; 1992 was the only season where consolation races were a staple of the weekend's timetable. Ducati dominance again defined the season with Polen and Roche top-2 in the standings once more, albeit by a much smaller margin this time from Phillis. Several new names became regular features at the front of the grid in the most competitive season to date, and with the top 2 riders announcing their departure from the championship at the end of the year the new generation of riders would lead the way into 1993.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1992-04-051Flag of Spain AlbaceteWorld Superbike Spanish RoundGO!
1992-04-202Flag of Great Britain Donington ParkWorld Superbike British RoundGO!
1992-05-103Flag of Germany HockenheimWorld Superbike German RoundGO!
1992-05-244Flag of Belgium Spa-FrancorchampsWorld Superbike Belgian RoundGO!
1992-06-14Flag of USA BrainerdCancelled as circuit could not afford increased hosting costs.
1992-06-215Flag of Spain JaramaWorld Superbike Andorra RoundGO!
1992-06-286Flag of Austria ÖsterreichringWorld Superbike Austrian RoundGO!
1992-06-28Flag of France Paul RicardCancelled (reasons unknown).
1992-07-197Flag of Italy MugelloWorld Superbike San Marino RoundGO!
1992-08-09Flag of Czechoslovakia MostCancelled due to heavy rain and track flooding, and concerns over track safety.
1992-08-238Flag of Malaysia JohorWorld Superbike Malaysian RoundGO!
1992-08-309Flag of Japan SugoWorld Superbike Japanese RoundGO!
1992-09-1310Flag of Netherlands Assen (Short)World Superbike Dutch RoundGO!
1992-09-27Flag of Sweden AnderstorpCancelled when promoters could not guarantee riders' travel funds.
1992-10-0411Flag of Italy MonzaWorld Superbike Italian RoundGO!
1992-10-1812Flag of Australia Phillip IslandWorld Superbike Australian RoundGO!
1992-10-2513Flag of New Zealand ManfeildWorld Superbike New Zealand RoundGO!

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1992-06-21 Jarama: Free Practice, Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Qualifying 3, Warm-Up, Entry list

1992-08-23 Johor: Free Practice, Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Qualifying 3, Warm-Up, Entry list

1992-08-30 Sugo: Free Practice, Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Qualifying 3, Warm-Up

1992-10-18 Phillip Island: Free Practice, Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Qualifying 3, Entry list

1992-10-25 Manfeild: Free Practice, Warm-Up, Entry list

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