1993 Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaft

Karl Truchsess came out fighting in 1993, smashing the record time at Landshaag by over three seconds followed by four consecutive victories at the two circuits on the calendar, though two of those were victories within the Austrian championship only and Truchsess was narrowly beaten by visiting foreign riders on both occasions. His main rival Robert Mitter battled mechanical gremlins in his Ducati but kept himself in contention for the title by being a consistent runner-up to Truchsess all year. That consistency paid off - a clutch problem put Truchsess out of the penultimate race which Mitter went on to win, and the Ducati rider only needed another second-place finish behind Truchsess to hold him off in the standings. At the final round in September he didn't even have to worry. Truchsess was out after three laps with engine problems while Mitter took an easy win, and a third different champion in three years was crowned with the luckless Truchsess once again demoted to second.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1993-03-211Austria Landshaag-St. MartinInternationales UVEX-Bergrennen Landshaag-St. Martin
1993-06-062Austria SalzburgringInternationales ÄRBO-MotorradrennenGO!
1993-06-203Austria ÖsterreichringÖsterreichring-Trophäe
1993-07-11Austria ÖsterreichringAbandoned after qualifying due to heavy rain.
1993-07-254Austria ÖsterreichringFMS no. 9 - ÖsterreichringGO!
1993-08-015Austria ÖsterreichringValvoline-Austria-TrophäeGO!
1993-09-056Austria ÖsterreichringDunlop-Silver-Cup

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1993-03-21 Landshaag-St. Martin: All sessions, Entry list

1993-06-06 Salzburgring: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

1993-06-20 Österreichring: All sessions, Entry list

1993-07-25 Österreichring: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

1993-08-01 Österreichring: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

1993-09-05 Österreichring: All sessions, Entry list

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