1993 Championnat de Belgique des Superbikes

Pre-season favourite Richard Hubin was quick out of the gate but his title charge immediately faltered with an electrical failure at Carole and two disastrous races at Huy, and it took the rest of the year for him to catch back up to Michel Simul, whose new Yamaha YZF was still in development throughout the year. Simul was always a front-runner but wouldn't win another race after the second round; Hubin's seven wins were enough to overhaul the points deficit despite a breakdown at Chimay, and though he only led by one point going into the final race he finished comfortably ahead of Simul for his second straight championship. For the first time the Belgian Championship co-ordinated with the Swiss federation to combine their grids for one race, bulking their equally small championships into a formidable grid of 37 riders at Magny-Cours.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1993-03-211Flag of France CarolePromosport France Circuit CaroleGO!
1993-05-022Flag of Belgium Huy7eme Edition des Short Races HuyGO!
1993-05-093Flag of France Magny-CoursFMS no. 4 - Magny-CoursGO!
1993-05-164Flag of Belgium Mettet (Short)53eme Grand Trophy de l'Entre Sambre et MeuseGO!
1993-06-065Flag of Belgium Ostende20e Nationale Snelheidswedstrijd van de NordzeeGO!
1993-06-206Flag of Belgium AalterBoycotted by riders due to poor circuit safety and lack of crowd control.
1993-06-277Flag of Belgium Chimay62eme Circuit de Vitesse Internationale de ChimayGO!
1993-08-088Flag of Belgium Evergem1ste Motorraces te EvergemGO!
1993-08-229Flag of Belgium Gedinne23e Journee Internationale de Vitesse
1993-09-1210Flag of Belgium Mettet (Short)5eme Memorial Bernard DenisGO!

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1993-03-21 Carole: Free Practice

1993-05-02 Huy: Qualifying, Entry list

1993-05-09 Magny-Cours: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Warm-Up, Entry list

1993-05-16 Mettet (Short): Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

1993-06-06 Ostende: Qualifying, Entry list

1993-06-27 Chimay: Qualifying, Entry list

1993-08-08 Evergem: Qualifying, Entry list

1993-08-22 Gedinne: All sessions, Entry list

1993-09-12 Mettet (Short): Qualifying, Entry list

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