1994 Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaft

Like 1993 it was Karl Truchsess and Robert Mitter at the head of the field, Kawasaki against Ducati in what turned out to be a short season. Mitter took first blood at the Landshaag hillclimb and though Truchsess was faster in qualifying at the Salzburgring in June some unseasonable weather prevented that race from ever happening. All three remaining rounds took place at the Österreichring, with the first dominated by World Superbike riders using it as practice, the second a duel between Austrian and Swiss championships just barely won by Truchsess ahead of Marcel Ernst and Mitter, and the final race once again set to decide the champion. Truchsess showed up with a four-point lead over Mitter, meaning he still had to beat him on track to claim the crown that had eluded him since 1991, and their battle ended in disaster - a collision at nearly 200km/h when Truchsess ran into the back of Mitter and sent them both crashing into the gravel at the Tiroch-Kurve. With neither rider scoring points Truchsess finally won the title, though he was in hospital with a broken hand at the time, and Mitter not only lost his crown but also broke his ankle and was overtaken in the points by eventually race winner Robert Ulm for good measure.

DateRd.CircuitEvent NameResults
1994-03-201Flag of Austria Landshaag-St. MartinInternationales UVEX-Bergrennen Landshaag-St. MartinGO!
1994-06-052Flag of Austria SalzburgringAbandoned due to heavy rain and high winds.
1994-07-103Flag of Austria ÖsterreichringÖsterreichring TrophyGO!
1994-07-244Flag of Austria ÖsterreichringFMS no. 10 - ZeltwegGO!
1994-09-045Flag of Austria ÖsterreichringDunlop-Silver-CupGO!

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1994-03-20 Landshaag-St. Martin: All sessions, Entry list

1994-07-10 Österreichring: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

1994-07-24 Österreichring: Free Practice, Qualifying, Warm-Up, Entry list

1994-09-04 Österreichring: Qualifying 1, Qualifying 2, Entry list

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