1992-05-15 to 1992-05-17

Shell Oils Australian Superbike Championship

Mallala (Permanent circuit, 2.6010 km)
Entries: ? / Practised: 23 / Qualified: 23

Map of Mallala circuit.


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  • 15 May, Fri
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  • 16 May, Sat
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  • 17 May, Sun
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  • Race 1

    Scheduled duration: 23 laps
    Started: 22 / Classified: 18

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Cloudy / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
    145Flag of AustraliaMat MLADINKawasaki2327:01.48132.821:09.8281
    230Flag of AustraliaScott DOOHANYamaha2327:12.8311.35131.901:09.9182
    399Flag of AustraliaSteve MARTINSuzuki2327:25.1023.62130.911:10.2166
    44Flag of AustraliaMalcolm CAMPBELLHonda2327:25.4523.97130.881:10.10223
    551Flag of AustraliaMartin CRAGGILLKawasaki2327:40.3938.91129.711:10.9047
    632Flag of AustraliaKirk McCARTHYSuzuki2327:47.0145.53129.191:11.45611
    718Flag of AustraliaGrant HODSONSuzuki2327:48.3046.82129.091:11.2499
    839Flag of AustraliaChris HILLHonda2327:48.7547.27129.061:11.852010
    924Flag of IrelandKieron McGRORYHonda2328:10.041:08.56127.431:11.421113
    1038Flag of AustraliaRoy LESLIEDucati2227:05.151 lap126.761:11.2464
    1123Flag of AustraliaStephen TOZERHonda2227:17.861 lap125.771:12.961216
    1217Flag of AustraliaDavid MARTONKawasaki2227:27.251 lap125.061:12.951017
    1333Flag of AustraliaScott MITCHELLHonda2227:35.211 lap124.461:13.611115
    1475Flag of AustraliaMark FISSENDENHonda2227:43.671 lap123.821:13.991418
    1591Flag of AustraliaSteven DOYLEHonda2228:04.051 lap122.321:15.192021
    1693Flag of AustraliaDon STAFFORDYamaha2228:11.401 lap121.791:15.381623
    1734Flag of AustraliaJudy McDONALDKawasaki2228:16.461 lap121.431:15.721822
    1867Flag of AustraliaDarren LEWISHonda2127:02.392 laps121.201:16.201319
    RT35Flag of AustraliaTom LARSENYamaha1214:35.85Brakes128.291:11.52108
    RT59Flag of AustraliaMichael BLENCOWESuzuki1218:01.41---103.901:16.38820
    RT50Flag of AustraliaScott BREEDINSuzuki45:08.44---121.431:14.11214
    RT20Flag of AustraliaTroy CORSERYamaha45:10.08Clutch120.791:13.8335
    NS27Flag of AustraliaDavid HORTONKawasakiNot started12
    Fastest lap45Flag of AustraliaMat MLADINKawasaki1:09.82 on lap 8134.11 km/h

    Rider notes

    #33 Mitchell: Listed as bike number 97 on official results.


    Official results/ AMCN Vol 42 No 1 pg10⁠-⁠15, 84⁠-⁠87/ The Age 1992⁠-⁠05⁠-⁠16 pg29/ Photos by Mark A Allan (Facebook)