1992-05-16 to 1992-05-17

Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaft für FIM-Superbike

Salzburgring (Permanent circuit, 4.2430 km)
Attendance: 5,000
Entries: ? / Practised: ? / Qualified: ?

Map of Salzburgring circuit.


  • 16 May, Sat
  • No results.Qualifying 1
  • No results.Qualifying 2
  • 17 May, Sun
  • Results are available.Race
  • Race

    Scheduled duration: ?
    Started: 39 / Classified: 24

    Scheduled start time: ?
    Weather: Sunny / Track: Dry

    141Flag of HungaryÁrpád HARMATIYamaha1826:08.102175.34
    265Flag of GermanyPeter RUBATTOYamaha181.581175.16
    322Flag of AustriaHans Peter KLAMPFERYamaha187.088174.55
    431Flag of GermanyThomas OCHSENREITERKawasaki187.309174.52
    556Flag of GermanyHans GRATZLDucati189.328174.30
    642Flag of AustriaJohann WIEDERKawasaki189.522174.28
    719Flag of AustriaAnton BERGHAMMERYamaha1815.011173.67
    83Flag of SwitzerlandEdgar SCHNYDERDucati1829.310172.12
    945Flag of AustriaFranz PFEFFERKORNKawasaki1840.889170.88
    107Flag of GermanyJulius ILMBERGERDucati1855.139169.38
    1111Flag of AustriaHelmut HELTENKawasaki181:12.903167.55
    1260Flag of AustriaJohann PARZERYamaha181:24.108166.41
    1357Flag of HungaryAttila SZABÓYamaha171 lap165.54
    144Flag of AustriaFriedrich GRAUSKawasaki171 lap165.23
    1527Flag of AustriaReinhard SCHMIDKawasaki171 lap165.06
    1637Flag of AustriaHans Dieter SCHLOSSERKawasaki171 lap164.69
    1728Flag of AustriaMichael SCHÖNSuzuki171 lap164.64
    1843Flag of AustriaPeter PFAFFENWIMMERDucati171 lap164.12
    198Flag of GermanyRonald ACHATZYamaha171 lap164.00
    2046Flag of AustriaAnton LANGHonda171 lap162.52
    2139Flag of AustriaEdwin Adolf MARTEKawasaki171 lap161.13
    226Flag of LatviaAlvis PRIEDĪTISHonda171 lap160.89
    2333Flag of AustriaMatthias KRONBERGERKawasaki171 lap156.37
    2438Flag of AustriaGerald PÖSCHLSuzuki126 laps112.15
    RT29Flag of GermanyChristian SCHERMYamaha17---
    RT23Flag of AustriaPeter BÜHRERKawasaki16---
    RT34Flag of GermanyClaus EHRENBERGERSuzuki15---
    RT44Flag of AustriaManfred BLENGLHonda15---
    RT50Flag of AustriaMartin KOBERGERKawasaki11---
    RT51Flag of CroatiaZoran SEVIĆHonda9---
    RT12Flag of AustriaAnton RECHBERGERYamaha6---
    RT32Flag of AustriaHarald MOSERSuzuki3---
    RT20Flag of AustriaErnst GRANDEGGERSuzuki2---
    RT2Flag of AustriaKarl TRUCHSESSKawasaki1---
    RT14Flag of AustriaRobert MITTERDucati0---
    RT15Flag of AustriaMartin WURMHonda0---
    RT18Flag of AustriaAndreas MÜHLBAUERKawasaki0---
    RT25Flag of AustriaGottfried GRUBERHonda0---
    RT48Flag of AustriaHans-Jürgen ENZESBERGERKawasaki0---
    Fastest lap41Flag of HungaryÁrpád HARMATIYamaha1:25.200179.28 km/h

    Official results/ Official points table/ MOTOR SPORT aktuell 1992⁠-⁠05⁠-⁠20 pg28⁠-⁠29