1993-08-20 to 1993-08-22

World Superbike Malaysian Round

Johor (Permanent circuit, 3.8600 km)
Event permit: IMN 02/9
Timekeepers: MST Sports Timing
Entries: 24 / Practised: 23 / Qualified: 23


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  • 20 Aug, Fri
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  • 21 Aug, Sat
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  • 22 Aug, Sun
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  • Race 1

    Scheduled duration: 25 laps
    Started: 23 / Classified: 15

    Scheduled start time: 12:00
    Weather: Cloudy / Track: Dry

    P.#RiderBikeLapsTimeGapKM/HBest LapOnGr.
    14Flag of Great BritainCarl FOGARTYMichelin tyresDucati2538:14.21151.421:30.4651
    211Flag of USAScott RUSSELLDunlop tyresKawasaki2538:17.673.46151.201:31.1452
    35Flag of ItalyFabrizio PIROVANOMichelin tyresYamaha2538:26.3612.15150.631:31.5427
    46Flag of New ZealandAaron SLIGHTDunlop tyresKawasaki2538:26.4512.24150.621:31.4434
    57Flag of BelgiumStéphane MERTENSMichelin tyresDucati2538:42.7328.52149.571:31.6346
    610Flag of ItalyPiergiorgio BONTEMPIDunlop tyresKawasaki2538:43.0028.79149.551:31.5445
    734Flag of ItalyMauro LUCCHIARIMichelin tyresDucati2538:48.1233.91149.221:31.4338
    814Flag of SwedenChrister LINDHOLMMichelin tyresYamaha2538:57.7443.53148.611:32.591615
    927Flag of USAFred MERKELDunlop tyresDucati2539:02.9048.69148.281:32.74311
    1023Flag of ItalyFabrizio FURLANDunlop tyresKawasaki2539:14.671:00.46147.541:31.82239
    1153Flag of AustraliaBenn ARCHIBALDMichelin tyresYamaha2539:21.201:06.99147.131:33.45914
    1286Flag of FranceJean-Marc DELÉTANGMichelin tyresYamaha2539:31.141:16.93146.511:33.64921
    1377Flag of AustraliaKen WATSONMichelin tyresKawasaki2539:32.491:18.28146.431:33.911618
    1488Flag of MalaysiaCletus Adi HASLAMMichelin tyresKawasaki2439:30.531 lap140.691:37.02423
    1599Flag of AustraliaTrevor JORDANMichelin tyresKawasaki1939:15.086 laps112.111:33.62416
    RT37Flag of FranceHervé MOINEAUMichelin tyresSuzuki2031:23.30---147.571:33.56617
    RT70Flag of ItalyAldeo PRESCIUTTIDunlop tyresDucati1934:49.74Mechanical126.341:33.43319
    RT9Flag of ItalyGiancarlo FALAPPAMichelin tyresDucati1827:34.17Accident151.211:30.8043
    RT3Flag of AustraliaRob PHILLISMichelin tyresKawasaki1726:48.14Engine146.901:32.55810
    RT35Flag of IrelandMark FARMERKawasaki914:05.14Accident147.981:32.89313
    RT20Flag of NetherlandsJeffry DE VRIESMichelin tyresYamaha812:36.09Engine147.031:33.09520
    RT32Flag of Great BritainTerry RYMERDunlop tyresYamaha711:13.37Handlebar144.461:32.15512
    RT52Flag of New ZealandChristopher HALDANEMichelin tyresYamaha23:32.99---130.481:42.83122
    Fastest lap4Flag of Great BritainCarl FOGARTYMichelin tyresDucati1:30.46 on lap 5153.61 km/h

    Rider notes

    #27 Merkel: Listed as Yamaha rider on entry list.


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