1994-07-02 to 1994-07-03

SUGO International Road Race

Sugo (Permanent circuit, 3.7375 km)
Attendance: 10,200
Entries: ? / Practised: 35 / Qualified: 35

Map of Sugo circuit.


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  • 2 Jul, Sat
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  • 3 Jul, Sun
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  • Overall qualifying

    12Flag of JapanShin'ya TAKEISHIHonda1:32.674145.19
    24Flag of JapanShoichi TSUKAMOTOKawasaki1:32.748145.07
    38Flag of JapanWataru YOSHIKAWAYamaha1:32.925144.79
    424Flag of JapanTakuma AOKIHonda1:32.975144.72
    53Flag of JapanYasutomo NAGAIYamaha1:33.290144.23
    69Flag of JapanAkira RYOKawasaki1:33.295144.22
    762Flag of JapanNorihiko FUJIWARAYamaha1:33.387144.08
    81Flag of JapanKeiichi KITAGAWAKawasaki1:33.449143.98
    95Flag of JapanAkira YANAGAWASuzuki1:33.552143.82
    1047Flag of JapanNoriyuki HAGADucati1:33.955143.21
    1132Flag of JapanNorick ABEHonda1:34.059143.05
    1255Flag of JapanYukio NUKUMISuzuki1:34.157142.90
    1311Flag of JapanTomohiko KANEYASUHonda1:34.220142.80
    1413Flag of JapanToshiya KOBAYASHIHonda1:34.261142.74
    1560Flag of JapanRyuji TSURUTAKawasaki1:34.606142.22
    1671Flag of JapanKen'ichiro IWAHASHIHonda1:34.713142.06
    1791Flag of JapanAkira SHIINAKawasaki1:35.283141.21
    1826Flag of JapanMasao NAKATAYamaha1:35.328141.14
    1977Flag of JapanKatsuyoshi TAKAHASHIYamaha1:35.422141.01
    2076Flag of JapanKatsunori HASEGAWAYamaha1:35.568140.79
    2154Flag of JapanMakoto SUZUKISuzuki1:35.616140.72
    2214Flag of JapanMasato MOGIYamaha1:36.497139.43
    2327Flag of JapanHideo SENMYOHonda1:36.707139.13
    2482Flag of JapanHideki TANIMURAYamaha1:37.084138.59
    2540Flag of JapanHirotada NISHIDAHonda1:37.192138.44
    2648Flag of JapanTakeshi HARADAYamaha1:37.468138.05
    2792Flag of JapanMitsunori SHIMIZUDucati1:38.067137.20
    2842Flag of JapanHiroyuki TSUNORAHonda1:38.091137.17
    2945Flag of JapanYuji HARAGUCHIHonda1:38.116137.13
    3052Flag of JapanTetsuya AKAGIHonda1:38.195137.02
    3197Flag of JapanKiyoshi OZAWAYamaha1:38.824136.15
    3253Flag of JapanKyoichi YOSHIIHonda1:39.246135.57
    3349Flag of JapanRyuichi OSAKIHonda1:39.614135.07
    3451Flag of JapanKatsuya WATANABEHonda1:40.756133.54
    3594Flag of JapanJiro YAMAMOTOSuzuki1:40.892133.36

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


    Official results/ WOWOW season review/ MotorLand2 season review/ Cycle Sounds No.136 pg.116/ MFJ Magazine n.306 1995⁠-⁠01 pg29/ Riders Club 1994⁠-⁠09 pg61/ Riding Sport No. 140 pg113