1994 Campionati Assoluti d'Italia - Superbike

Points system

Riders Championship: 1st: 20; 2nd: 17; 3rd: 15; 4th: 13; 5th: 11; 6th: 10; 7th: 9; 8th: 8; 9th: 7; 10th: 6; 11th: 5; 12th: 4; 13th: 3; 14th: 2; 15th: 1.

Only the 8 best scores (from 10 races) for each rider count towards their total.

Only riders in possession of a competition licence from the Federazione Motociclistica Italiana, and whose motorcycles are homologated for FIM Superbike competition, are eligible for points.

Manufacturers Championship: Points awarded to the highest placed finisher for each manufacturer, according to the same system as the Riders Championship. All scores for each manufacturer count towards their total.

Riders Championship

P.RiderTotalGapFlag of ItalyMISFlag of ItalyMISFlag of ItalyVALFlag of ItalyVALFlag of ItalyMONFlag of ItalyMONFlag of ItalyMISFlag of ItalyMISFlag of ItalyMUGFlag of ItalyMUG
1Flag of ItalyFabrizio PIROVANO1390202020172020157
2Flag of ItalyValerio DESTEFANIS131-81717201513(11)171715
3Flag of ItalyPiergiorgio BONTEMPI120-1911201715202017
4Flag of ItalyMassimo MEREGALLI112-271515131315(10)151313
5Flag of ItalyAndrea PERSELLI81-5878111711109(7)8
6Flag of ItalyFerdinando DI MASO72-67(6)7913779119
7Flag of ItalyAldeo PRESCIUTTI70-691715891011
8Flag of ItalyMauro LUCCHIARI68-711013151713
9Flag of ItalyMarco BURNELLI57-82(3)(5)79668876
10Flag of ItalyCamillo MARIOTTINI54-85910101195
11Flag of ItalyLuca RUGGERI50-89566115566
12Flag of ItalySerafino FOTI48-9113111311
13Flag of ItalyIvo BELLEZZA44-95897884
14Flag of ItalyMauro MORONI33-106248109
15Flag of ItalyRoberto PANICHI30-109101010
16Flag of ItalyRomolo BALBI24-11538445
17Flag of ItalyEnzo CHIAPELLO24-11513514262
18Flag of ItalyEdy RUPELLI24-115246534
19Flag of ItalyPaolo CASOLI20-11920
20Flag of ItalyArmando IANNUZZO19-12057151
21Flag of ItalyMatteo RIGAMONTI9-1303123
22Flag of ItalyRedamo ASSIRELLI8-13144
23Flag of ItalyStefano COLZANI6-13333
24Flag of ItalyDavide AMATI4-13522
25Flag of ItalyStefano SPILLER3-1363
26Flag of ItalyCarlo RONCARATI3-13612