1994-08-26 to 1994-08-28

World Superbike Japanese Round

Sugo (Permanent circuit, 3.7375 km)
Attendance: 31,400
Event permit: IMN 102/8
Timekeepers: SEIKO Timing
Entries: 54 / Practised: 47 / Qualified: 40

Map of Sugo circuit.


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  • 26 Aug, Fri
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  • 27 Aug, Sat
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  • 28 Aug, Sun
  • No results.Warm-Up
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  • Overall qualifying

    138Flag of JapanYasutomo NAGAIDunlop tyresYamaha1:31.788146.59
    220Flag of JapanKeiichi KITAGAWADunlop tyresKawasaki1:31.896146.42
    32Flag of Great BritainCarl FOGARTYMichelin tyresDucati1:31.993146.26
    44Flag of ItalyFabrizio PIROVANOMichelin tyresDucati1:32.104146.08
    51Flag of USAScott RUSSELLDunlop tyresKawasaki1:32.277145.81
    651Flag of JapanWataru YOSHIKAWADunlop tyresYamaha1:32.375145.66
    762Flag of JapanNoriyuki HAGAMichelin tyresDucati1:32.397145.62
    850Flag of JapanNorihiko FUJIWARADunlop tyresYamaha1:32.441145.55
    98Flag of Great BritainTerry RYMERDunlop tyresKawasaki1:32.497145.46
    1024Flag of JapanShoichi TSUKAMOTODunlop tyresKawasaki1:32.614145.28
    1135Flag of AustraliaAnthony GOBERTDunlop tyresHonda1:32.836144.93
    1237Flag of New ZealandSimon CRAFARMichelin tyresHonda1:32.845144.92
    1345Flag of JapanShin'ya TAKEISHIDunlop tyresHonda1:32.868144.88
    143Flag of New ZealandAaron SLIGHTDunlop tyresHonda1:33.063144.58
    1542Flag of JapanToshiyuki ARAKAKIDucati1:33.072144.57
    1623Flag of USADoug POLENDunlop tyresHonda1:33.148144.45
    1752Flag of JapanTakuma AOKIMichelin tyresHonda1:33.173144.41
    1857Flag of JapanAkira YANAGAWADunlop tyresSuzuki1:33.186144.39
    196Flag of ItalyPiergiorgio BONTEMPIDunlop tyresKawasaki1:33.225144.33
    2069Flag of Great BritainJames WHITHAMMichelin tyresDucati1:33.270144.26
    2111Flag of AustriaAndreas MEKLAUDunlop tyresDucati1:33.645143.68
    227Flag of BelgiumStéphane MERTENSDunlop tyresDucati1:33.735143.54
    2356Flag of JapanKen'ichiro IWAHASHIDunlop tyresHonda1:34.033143.09
    2431Flag of PortugalAlex VIEIRAMichelin tyresHonda1:34.266142.73
    2555Flag of FranceAdrien MORILLASDunlop tyresKawasaki1:34.267142.73
    2633Flag of Great BritainBrian MORRISONMichelin tyresHonda1:34.515142.36
    2744Flag of AustraliaShawn GILESDunlop tyresSuzuki1:34.533142.33
    2854Flag of JapanToshiya KOBAYASHIDunlop tyresHonda1:34.548142.31
    2940Flag of JapanKatsuyoshi TAKAHASHIDunlop tyresYamaha1:34.700142.08
    3043Flag of JapanMakoto SUZUKIDunlop tyresSuzuki1:34.754142.00
    3153Flag of JapanRyuji TSURUTADunlop tyresKawasaki1:34.756142.00
    3258Flag of JapanTomohiko KANEYASUDunlop tyresHonda1:35.149141.41
    3373Flag of JapanTatsuro ARATADunlop tyresYamaha1:35.175141.37
    3436Flag of ItalyValerio DESTEFANISDunlop tyresDucati1:35.354141.11
    3546Flag of JapanHideo SENMYOYokohama tyresHonda1:35.421141.01
    3639Flag of JapanMasao NAKATABridgestone tyresYamaha1:35.824140.41
    3763Flag of JapanShigemasa MIWADunlop tyresHonda1:35.937140.25
    3871Flag of JapanHideki TANIMURADunlop tyresYamaha1:36.088140.03
    3947Flag of JapanMasato MOGIDunlop tyresYamaha1:36.137139.96
    4059Flag of ItalyMauro MORONIDunlop tyresKawasaki1:36.148139.94
    (41)32Flag of FranceJosé KUHNMichelin tyresHonda1:36.261139.78
    (42)64Flag of FranceGérald MUTEAUMichelin tyresDucati1:36.341139.66
    (43)48Flag of FranceBernard CAZADEDunlop tyresHonda1:36.479139.46
    (44)66Flag of JapanKyoichi YOSHIIYokohama tyresHonda1:37.601137.86
    (45)70Flag of JapanHidemi ASHINAHonda1:38.813136.17
    (46)65Flag of JapanKatsuya WATANABEHonda1:39.801134.82
    (47)67Flag of JapanMasayasu MAKITAYamaha--.---

    Positions in parentheses denote riders who either did not receive a grid space, failed to meet qualifying requirements or withdrew after qualifying.


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